Modern Slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. 它有各种各样的形式,比如奴役, 奴役, 强迫劳动和人口贩卖, all of which have in common the deprivation of a person’s liberty by another in order to exploit them for personal or commercial gain.

We are committed to improving our practices to combat slavery and human trafficking.



The 英国365平台官网 is a provider of educational and research services within the Higher Education sector. The 英国365平台官网 operates primarily from its city of Bath campus in the UK and is made up of three Faculties, 16个部门, one School and four Institutes collectively sharing the organisational mission to deliver world-class research and teaching, 教育365平台官网的学生成为未来的领导者和创新者, 并通过365平台官网的研究惠及更广泛的人群, 企业和影响力. 365平台官网现在有c. 19000名学生和c. 3200名员工. 365平台官网在2020/21财年的年营业额为2.9亿英镑.


The University’s supply chains are global and complex supporting and reflecting the diverse range of activities carried out through our teaching, 研究和商业伙伴关系. 365平台官网在2020-21年期间与第三方供应商的支出可按以下类别进行高水平分类(百分比分成为指示性):

  • 屋苑及建筑51.7%
  • 专业服务14%
  • IT & 电信9.1%
  • 实验室 & 医学9.1%
  • 公用事业公司6.1%
  • 图书馆4.5%
  • 家居 & 安全2.4%
  • 餐饮0.8%
  • 旅行 & 运输0.7%
  • 办公用品 & 打印0.7%
  • 家具 & 家具0.5%
  • 体育0.4%


The University is committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or in any part of our business. In light of the obligation to report on measures to ensure that all parts of our business and supply chain are slavery-free, we operate and regularly review workplace policies and procedures to assess their effectiveness in identifying and tackling modern slavery issues. 365平台官网的工作场所政策和程序表明,365平台官网承诺在所有业务关系中遵守道德和诚信,并实施和执行有效的系统和控制,以确保奴隶制和人口贩运不会发生在365平台官网的供应链中.

Some of the University policies that support our approach to tackling modern slavery and human trafficking include:


This promotes a working and learning environment which will be stimulating and supportive and free of harassment, bullying and victimisation; where individuals are confident, 如果他们真诚地提出投诉, that the matter will be dealt with according to the agreed procedures without fear of subsequent victimisation or disadvantage. This policy applies to all staff (including casual and voluntary workers), 荣誉及到访员工, 志愿者、学生和第三方(e.g. 大学的承建商、客户或客户).

平等和多样性 & 包含政策

This details how the University can be most effective in its impact on equality, diversity and inclusion and the elimination of harassment and discrimination (including our ‘#bethechange’ campaign).


The 英国365平台官网 is committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty, openness and accountability and to conducting its business in a responsible way. 这一政策 encourages employees to raise their concerns in a responsible way where there is malpractice (that is, 非法, improper or negligent behaviour) or wrongdoing within an organisation and, 他们在哪里这样做, 保护员工免受报复.

健康 & 安全与健康 & 福利政策

这就设定了对员工的期望, 学生, and contractors to support the University’s efforts to provide a safe and healthy workplace and to meet their own individual duty of care to others.


其目的是确保儿童和成人在大学内或在大学控制的活动中处于危险中的安全和福利. 365平台官网代表参加了巴斯和东北萨默塞特社区安全和保障伙伴关系的运营委员会,其职责包括现代奴隶制问题.


This ensures our recruitment processes are non-discriminatory and that staff have a right to work in the UK, with checks made before they start work and that all immigration requirements are met as specified by UK Visas & 移民(UKVI).


We continue to evolve our category management approach to managing expenditure with third party suppliers to the University, which allows us to manage supply chain risk by category and by supplier where necessary. Periodic reviews of our supply chains by category allow the risks associated with modern slavery and human trafficking to be considered, 识别和管理. The University’s standard contractual terms and conditions used when procuring goods, 服务和工作包括嵌入《365官网》要求的条款,并向大学提供权力,在必要时从365平台官网的供应商索取365平台官网其供应链性质的信息.


这所大学已发展出一套 负责任采购实务守则, 哪些文件记录了365平台官网与环境有关的目标, 社会, 对经济和道德的影响, 其中包括现代奴隶制和人口贩卖, 采购所有商品时, 服务和工作. This also makes it clear that all suppliers to the University are expected to comply with the principles of Responsible Procurement.

We are committed to using and selling ethically-sourced food in our hospitality outlets and catering services. The University has been awarded the Gold Award for Best Fairtrade University, 以确认365平台官网对公平贸易产品的持续承诺, 促销活动和事件, 以及365平台官网为公平贸易两周所做的努力. Fairtrade standards explicitly prohibit the use of forced labour and child labour. Independent auditors are used to look for evidence of abuse or discriminatory labour practices by employers, 现代奴隶制的标志是什么.

We follow the Public Contract Regulations when procuring goods, 服务和工作. 当合同的估计价值超过欧盟价值阈值时,365平台官网要求所有适用的投标供应商确认他们遵守了现代奴隶制法案. The Living Wage Foundation has accredited the University as a Living Wage Employer. This commits the University to ensuring that staff salaries keep pace with the cost of living. 作为这一倡议的一部分,365平台官网还要求大学的相关供应商在为大学提供服务时向其员工支付国民生活工资或更高的工资.

The University utilises a range of available framework agreements established by the buying consortium SUPC. 该联盟致力于确保其供应链中不存在现代奴隶制和人口贩卖,并要求在高风险行业中运营的供应商承诺遵守道德交易倡议(ETI)基本准则。. ETI基本守则以国际劳工组织(ILO)的公约为基础,是国际公认的劳工实务守则, requiring that employment is freely chosen; freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected; working conditions are safe and hygienic; child labour shall not be used; living wages are paid; working hours are not excessive; no discrimination is practised; regular employment is provided; and no harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.

在电子设备的采购方面,大学也可以通过365平台官网与SUPC的关系寻求电子手表专家的指导和支持. 电子观察将电子生产区域的公共部门买家和民间社会组织与人权和全球供应链方面的专家聚集在一起. 它们引导公共采购需求,要求在电子产品供应链中提供体面的工作条件,并通过工人驱动的监测,为公共采购提供能力,以跟踪合同需求,帮助工人提出投诉并帮助解决问题.

All professional procurement staff are trained annually in Ethical Procurement by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & 供应.


365平台官网将继续审查并在必要时改进365平台官网的工作做法,以确保与现代奴隶制和人口贩运相关的风险得到有效管理. In particular, during the 2021-22 financial year we aim to focus on the following areas:

所有专业采购人员都将接受英国采购与供应特许学会(CIPS)提供的道德采购进修培训,以确保他们的知识得以保持. CIPS的培训定期更新,以反映道德采购主题的当前知识和最佳做法,并包括365平台官网现代奴隶制和人口贩运的专门材料.

We will seek to offer comprehensive training on combating modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains to our community of requisitioners.

We will continue to enhance awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking within our programme of safeguarding training.

365平台官网将继续与365平台官网的主要供应商和支持机构(如Electronics Watch)密切合作,继续发展365平台官网对高风险行业的知识和理解.



批准 Pamela chester CBE,理事会主席,2021年11月18日


You can see previous versions of the 现代奴隶制和人口贩卖宣言 on the Internet Archive.