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Our Mission is to deliver world class research and teaching, educating our graduates to become future leaders and innovators, and benefiting the wider population through our research, enterprise and influence.

We are a truly international community with over 120,000 alumni located in 173 countries around the globe, 365平台官网近30%的学者是国际学生,在365平台官网的学生人口中大约有相同的比例.

在竞争日益激烈的市场中,365平台官网是学生的首选目的地. 学生 are attracted by our excellent academic reputation, our outstanding graduate employment record, our world-class sports facilities, and the wide array of other social, recreational and personal development opportunities we offer. Our ability to offer placement options across our discipline base, and with leading organisations, is unique among UK research universities.

365平台官网的员工在缔造大学充满活力和创新的学术社区方面起着至关重要的作用, 365平台官网重视在365平台官网的全球商业联系网络中与他人合作, 的职业, the public and voluntary sectors.

365平台官网美丽的校园景观为师生提供了一个真正的社区感觉. 俯瞰联合国教科文组织世界遗产城市巴斯,它提供了一个友好而安全的工作环境.

Further information about us


Our staff enjoy a safe and pleasant working environment, with a variety of benefits encompassing pay, pension and work-life balance, along with excellent facilities on campus.


通过各大学在全国范围内协商,以认可生活成本的增长 & Colleges Employers’ Association (UCEA) with recognised trade unions. 大学设有明确的薪酬及评等架构,并会因应国家薪酬奖励而作出调整. 个别职位的职系是透过高等教育角色分析计划而厘定的。.


365平台官网经营着两个慷慨的养老金计划-大学退休金计划(USS)和365平台官网集团退休金计划(UoBGPP). These schemes include an ill-health provision, 死于服务, lump sum payment and an annual pension. 所有365官网都将通过其雇用合同获悉其具体的养恤金权利. 


365平台官网提供丰富的假期福利,包括8个法定银行假期以及另外5天自由支配的假期.  For staff with family/caring responsibilities, we offer a whole package of family friendly policies which provide for flexible working, additional paid maternity and paternity leave, parental leave and leave for family emergencies.

World class sporting facilities are available on-site with subsidised access for staff. 365平台官网价值3000万英镑的体育中心拥有一支专业团队,已经成为国内一些最优秀的精英运动员使用的著名体育中心.


365平台官网推行供款计划,以表扬及奖励在本职系内表现卓越的员工. 这些安排旨在表扬和鼓励持续的卓越表现、承诺和专业精神. 大学的教授和高级专业人员也有类似的计划.


The University runs its own on-site nursery called 韦斯特伍德托儿所.  为协助员工支付托儿费用,365平台官网提供托儿代金券薪酬交换计划.


Only 2km from the centre of the City of Bath, there is subsidised parking available on site, 但365平台官网也有良好的公共交通服务,并推广绿色交通问题,包括一个 cycle to work scheme.


Gain a greater insight into what it is like to work at the 英国365平台官网.

Steven Wonnacott talking about his journey since joining the University. 

玛丽安·霍金斯博士, 南科学部技术经理描述她在大学的职业生涯

Otter Baker,技能中心助教,讨论她在大华大学的经历.

Saiyada法, 职业顾问, 探索她作为新入读大学的新人,以及她的职业生涯如何发展.

Mike Porter, Head of Security, providing an insight into life on campus.



Sited on Claverton Down, overlooking the city,  紧凑的校园为365平台官网所有的员工提供了一种真正的社区感.

365平台官网有各种各样的现场设施,周围是美丽的乡村, combining together to create an excellent environment in which to work.


边缘艺术 一个学术研究中心是否在区域和国家范围内委托新的艺术项目, and offers training opportunities for artists, 艺术专业人士, academics and educators.  边缘艺术提供专题讨论会和出版物,强调跨学科的实践.


There is a post office, and 2 supermarkets on campus.


广泛的 places to buy food or drink to either eat-in or take-away. 




韦斯特伍德托儿所 是专为6个月到学龄提供优秀的托儿设施吗.


World-class sporting facilties and the home of 团队365官网. Our renowned £30 million 体育 Training Village (STV) on campus houses sport, 健身, 训练, physio and sport science facilities all largely under one roof.

STV有室内和室外设施,可容纳50多个运动项目, as well as being a world-class multi-sport training environment, 定期举办大型国际比赛,如联合会杯网球和现代五项欧洲锦标赛.




Opportunities for professional development

We encourage all staff to learn, 在与365平台官网合作的过程中,培养新的技能,提升他们的职业生涯. 在目前的工作中,有各种各样的机会可以帮助你提升自己的表现, prepare for other positions within the University and to move on to other roles.

Induction and Probation

In your first few months, 你将学习你的工作和大学更广泛的工作, including induction to departmental systems, an 'Introduction to the University' day, and on-the-job training where appropriate.

员工的发展 and Performance Review

The annual review scheme, which you undertake with your line manager, is at the heart of your professional development. From these meetings you will identify things you need to learn, 以及在大学内外满足这些需求的机会. By planning in partnership with your manager, you will be encouraged to apply what you’ve learned back on the job.

Learning Opportunities

The University offers development events across a broad range of themes, 从午餐时间的简报会到可能需要数月时间才能完成的认证课程, and include close personal support. 这些都是由内部员工开发团队和外部专家提供的, 通常工作严格指定的委员会,以便材料是量身定制的365平台官网的背景. If you can’t find the right opportunity in your department or the University, it may be possible to attend courses outside.

Immigration, visas and relocation

世界遗产城市巴斯是英国最有趣、优雅和充满活力的城市之一. 这座城市以其许多美丽的建筑和自然温泉而闻名,这些温泉使这座城市得名.

从历史 罗马365官网场 to the contemporary 温泉沐365官网温泉, the city has a unique blend of architectural heritage and modern living.

Bath is home to several excellent museums and galleries,并举办各种 festivals and events 全年.

365官网的异常 food and drink scene has gained the city a reputation as a delicious destination. 这里有超过150家餐厅,cafés和传统的酒吧,范围很广 购物 from high street stores to small specialist shops.

Bath is a beautifully green city, with numerous 公园和花园 探索.

有一个全面的公共汽车服务遍布全城,以及良好的交通连接到该地区和其他地区. 干线铁路意味着伦敦很容易到达,附近的高速公路将巴斯与英国其他地方连接起来.

巴斯有很多优秀的学校,中等教育的选择范围很广. There are numerous parks, play areas and open spaces including the wonderful Royal Victoria Park, one of the first public parks in the country.

The city offers many enjoyable 户外活动. You can take a boat trip on the River Avon, 漫步在肯尼特和埃文运河旁,或利用一流的体育设施.

Bath is surrounded by magnificent countryside and interesting places. 巨石阵, 索尔斯堡, 井, 格拉斯顿伯里, 切达峡谷, Oxford and Bristol are all within easy reach of Bath.