Risks You Should Know About Thalassemia and its Symptoms

Thalassemia is one such genetic disorder. Where the person suffering from the disease shows a variety of thalassemia symptoms that are similar to that shown by anemia in many aspects.

Thalassemia and its Symptoms

It would be worth mentioning here that thalassemia is also called Mediterranean anemia. Characterized by the shortage of hemoglobin in the person who suffers from this disease.

The oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood is greatly reduced owing to this ailment and this can prove fatal if the person is not treated immediately, as soon as the thalassemia symptoms are seen in him.

Though the world of medicine has come up with rapid advancements in recent times. Answers to some complicated issues like the thalassemia symptoms have not been arrived at yet.

Therefore, the key to avoiding the ill impacts of these kinds of diseases lies in going for the most modern methods of treatment as soon as the symptoms of the disease come into the light.

However, the recognition of the thalassemia symptoms is not an easy task too, which makes treatment of the disease difficult.

This disorder can be treated only if the thalassemia symptoms are recognized at an early stage. And steps were taken towards the eradication of problems caused by the disease.

The hemoglobin level in the person, who suffers from thalassemia, is very low leading to a series of problems in him. Though the disorder is genetic, the case can be worse in case the person suffering from the disease, who does not have the habit of eating enough iron-rich food items.

Thus, people who suffer from thalassemia symptoms need to make sure that they increase their intake of iron-rich food to avoid problems.

Thalassemia symptoms – learn the most common ones

As mentioned above, the thalassemia symptoms can be similar to those exhibited by many other diseases. Unless one confirms the presence of this problem in his body, he cannot take steps towards eradicating it.

However, knowing about some of the most common symptoms would help one get to know about the stage of the disease in him. There have been cases, wherein the person suffering from this disease has a deformity in his face too.

These kinds of thalassemia symptoms can lead to a lot of emotional trauma in the person suffering from the disease.

Dark urine, fatigue, extreme pain in the muscles on exercising a little are said to be the thalassemia symptoms. That can cause great problems for the person who suffers from this disease.

It would be wise to know as to what are the reasons, for the showing up of thalassemia symptoms in a person prior to going deeper into the diagnosis and treatment.

It is to be noted that it is the pigment that is responsible for the red color of the blood. Hemoglobin is in very fewer amounts in the patients who suffer from thalassemia.

Thus, the oxygen holding capacity of the blood and its capacity to supply all the organs with the required amount of oxygen is reduced. Leading to a series of problems in the person who shows thalassemia symptoms, causing fatigue and pain in the muscles.

Kids are at Highest Risk

It is to be noted that kids in whom the thalassemia symptoms are seen are at the highest risk. It is disheartening to note that the kids, who aren't provided treatment earliest. Can die owing to this deadly disease that is seen in them.

Thus, looking at the best methods of treatment is a must to ensure that the health of the kid is maintained intact. The main risk with thalassemia is that the thalassemia symptoms in the kids are not seen at an early stage. Making it very difficult to go about the treatment of the ailment, once it enters a later stage.

Talking about the kids, who suffer from this ailment. It is said that while some kids have signs of the problem in them in the initial stages of their life itself. The thalassemia symptoms in some kids are not evident until the kid reaches the age of two years at least.


The kids are the ones who suffer the most from thalassemia symptoms. As diagnosis and treatment in this, not an easy task.

Blood transfusion is the method, that most doctors suggest when they diagnose the thalassemia symptoms in young kids. However, continuous blood transfusion too can lead to problems in the kid. Where it becomes difficult for the baby’s body to have the right balance and the right kind of iron levels.

Deformity in bone marrow and face is said to be one of the worst among the thalassemia symptoms. That causes a lot of emotional trauma in the parents and leads to them losing hopes about their kid being able to lead a normal life.

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